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Welcome to UpNorth Silent Sports where we will strive to give you all the information you need to discover the Up North, well, shhhh, quietly! Today our Up North includes the northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  But, we are expanding all the time to build the perfect Silent Sports web site for you. 

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The UpNorth Silent Sports Directory has been created to give you the info you need to gather more information on silent sports activities such as cross country (XC) skiing, downhill skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, biking (bicycling), climbing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, white water rafting, fishing, diving and camping in Wisconsin, Michigan, Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Minnesota.  We have maps, trail maps, directions and descriptions of 100's of places to go to enjoy your favorite Silent Sports and we are adding more all the time.

UpNorth Silent Sports also has links for Silent Sports Calendar of Events, Lodging that caters to silent sports enthusiasts and Dining, for great places to eat along the way.  You'll also find Helpful Links  to help you find more information you are looking for such as a place to pick up great gear for the sports you enjoy most.

If you would like your business to become a part of, or if you have any other information you would like included on the site, please Contact Us at your convenience.  We have many advertising opportunities that will give you the exposure to need to reach the folks who are into the Silent Sports!

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